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Sleeve is driven by, enriched with Nokia MixRadio, Last.FM, SoundCloud, YouTube, Songkick, Facebook and Twitter.

This app is neither officially endorsed nor supported by these services. All content (including text, images, videos & music) is made available under the Creative Commons By-SA License.

Liability for Content

You hereby acknowledge and agree that Sleeve Music (i) stores Content and other information at the direction, request and with the authorisation of its users, (ii) acts merely as a passive conduit and/or host for the uploading, storage and distribution of such Content, and (iii) plays no active role and gives no assistance in the presentation or use of the Content. You are solely responsible for all of Your Content that you upload, post or distribute to, on or through the Platform, and to the extent permissible by law, Sleeve Music excludes all liability with respect to all Content (including Your Content) and the activities of its users with respect thereto. You hereby acknowledge and agree that Sleeve Music cannot and does not review the Content created or uploaded by its users, and neither Sleeve Music nor its subsidiaries, affiliates, successors, assigns, employees, agents, directors, officers and shareholders has any obligation, and does not undertake or assume any duty, to monitor the Platform for Content that is inappropriate, that does or might infringe any third party rights, or has otherwise been uploaded in breach of these Terms of Use or applicable law. Sleeve Music and its subsidiaries, affiliates, successors, assigns, employees, agents, directors, officers and shareholders hereby exclude, to the fullest extent permitted by law, any and all liability which may arise from any Content uploaded to the Platform by users, including, but not limited to, any claims for infringement of intellectual property rights, rights of privacy or publicity rights, any claims relating to publication of defamatory, pornographic, obscene or offensive material, or any claims relating to the completeness, accuracy, currency or reliability of any information provided by users of the Platform. By using the Platform, you irrevocably waive the right to assert any claim with respect to any of the foregoing against Sleeve Music or any of its subsidiaries, affiliates, successors, assigns, employees, agents, directors, officers or shareholders.

Blocking and Removal of Content

Notwithstanding the fact that Sleeve Music has no legal obligation to monitor the Content on the Platform, Sleeve Music reserves the right to block, remove or delete any Content at any time, and to limit or restrict access to any Content, for any reason and without liability, including without limitation, if we have reason to believe that such Content does or might infringe the rights of any third party, has been uploaded or posted in breach of these Terms of Use, our Community Guidelines or applicable law, or is otherwise unacceptable to Sleeve Music. Please also note that individual Uploaders have control over the audio Content that they store in their account from time to time, and may remove any or all audio Content or other Content without notice. You have no right of continued access to any particular item of Content and Sleeve Music shall have no liability in the event that you are unable to access an item of Content due to its removal from the Platform, whether by Sleeve Music or the relevant Uploader.